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Berlin - Cultural Diversity

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With its 5 million visitors annually, Berlin is currently the biggest tourist magnet in the world. Berlin is popularly known as "poor but sexy", and that is exactly what this city is today - more than 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In recent years, a veritable influx of creatives has ensured that the city has developed its own distinctive charm. After all, it's not for nothing that Berlin is a very special capital when it comes to culture.

In addition to numerous tourist attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin TV Tower, also affectionately known as the »Telespargel«, or the Museum Island near Friedrichstraße, the city of 3.7 million inhabitants also has a scene to offer outside the mainstream. At the same time, it is constantly reinventing itself. In districts such as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Wedding or Neukölln, there are various clubs, bars, cozy cafés that invite you to linger, as well as many small fashion labels that will soon flood the whole of Berlin with their stores. Some therefore wonder whether Berlin will soon consist only of designers and newcomers, and whether there will then still be room for industry and crafts.

However, Berlin belongs to the international league of world metropolises precisely because of its mixture of culture, fashion, nightlife and shopping. People from Germany and all over the world increasingly come here to discover the special, the unknown face of this city.


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With us you can discover the different sides of the city. We want to show you a comprehensive picture of Berlin. This includes guided city walks, alternative graffiti tours and interactive city rallies to well-known and lesser-known places, side trips to the tourist highlights, visits to museums, theaters, operas, cinemas - you name it! Of course, an overview of German and Berlin specialties should not be missing. Countless restaurants, pubs, clubs, beach bars and parks are waiting for your visit. We also offer sports activities: from beach volleyball to soccer and ice skating. In addition, after class you can use your language skills actively and playfully in our in-house activities: Conversation trainings, theater workshops, language competitions and reading groups are available for you to acquire German in real speaking situations.



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Finally, excursions and weekend trips must not be missing: Explore with us the imperial city of Potsdam, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the Saxon cities of Dresden and Leipzig and come with us on a weekend trip to the beautiful Czech capital Prague!



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