General conditions IIK accommodation service

  1. Accommodation is reserved only with the proof of full payment (100% of accommodation fees). If the participant cancels the accommodation 2 weeks before the start of the course (receipt of mail), he/she will be refunded the full amount paid minus bank charges and an administrative fee of 50 €. The cancellation must be made in writing. In case of a later cancellation, the full accommodation fee is due.
  2. The IIK Düsseldorf arranges accommodation only in connection with booked language courses or further education and training. So you can only book accommodation for the period for which you have also booked a language course / further education or training.
  3. Additional services such as meals or pick-ups are not included in the basic price of the accommodation. Not for all accommodations such additional services are possible.
  4. Accommodation is guaranteed only from the Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday after the course ends. If you arrive earlier, you must arrange your own accommodation until the Sunday before the course starts or after the course ends. We will be happy to provide you with a list of private accommodation providers upon request.
  5. Once you have received the accommodation address and directions to your accommodation from us, please contact your host family or landlord.
  6. Please inform your landlord or host family directly about the details (flight number, arrival date and time) of your arrival in Düsseldorf and send a copy of this information to IIK Düsseldorf at least 2 weeks before the course starts. In case of last-minute changes in your travel plans, please inform the landlord or host family directly.
  7. Please make sure you have sufficient health insurance for your stay in Düsseldorf. It is advisable to keep a copy of this insurance in a safe place in case of an emergency situation and also to inform the host family where you keep this document.
  8. Taking out private liability insurance is also recommended, as the host family's insurance will not compensate for damage caused by your own fault, nor for damage to your personal valuables.
  9. Please do not keep money or valuables unprotected in your room. Rather, within the first week of your stay, ask your host family to help you open a bank account.
  10. In the event that you cause damage to your host family's home or property, you will be responsible for such damage and any repair or replacement costs.
  11. Should the case arise that you suffer damage through the fault of your landlord or a member of your host family, IIK Düsseldorf is exempt from liability.
  12. Your landlord will provide you with your own room, a bed, bedding (pillow, blanket and covers) a table and a chair in your accommodation. Other furnishings (eg TV, Internet connection, ...) depend in each case on the equipment of each accommodation and are not standard.
  13. Your landlord or host family will provide you with a key for your accommodation for the duration of your stay. You must return this key to them before your departure.
  14. You are expected to respect the house rules of the landlord or host family and, if necessary, agree together on a mutually acceptable set of rules. Such rules may concern, for example, how often and for how long you can bring visitors home. Since there is often uncertainty in this regard, a clear agreement can avoid potential problems.
  15. You are expected to inform your host family about any excursions or overnight stays away from your accommodation. Even though the host family is not a parent, they will still be concerned if you do not come home in the evening.
  16. Cooking after 10pm is not common with host families. Please plan your cooking times accordingly.
  17. Washing machines are not standard in the accommodations. With most host families (but not all) it is possible to do one's laundry, but some host families charge a small additional fee for this (e.g. 2-3 euros per use). Coin-operated washing machines are available in the student dormitories. Upon request, our office can provide you with a list of laundromats in Düsseldorf.
  18. In Germany, out of consideration for neighbors or roommates, people do not usually shower between 10 - 07 pm. Since high water consumption is now also very expensive in Germany, we ask you to keep shower times as short as possible.
  19. When leaving the accommodation, please make sure that electricity, heating and water are turned off.
  20. Please keep your room and bedding clean. If you have your own kitchen/cooking facilities or bathroom in your accommodation, please keep it clean as well. From your host family you will receive cleaning supplies and equipment that you can use.
  21. Smoking is not allowed in most accommodations. Please ask your landlord or host family where smoking is allowed (e.g. balcony, terrace...).
  22. International calls from the landlord's or host family's phone are not allowed without their consent. Please buy one of the cheaper phone cards for international calls, which are available in many stores in Düsseldorf.
  23. All IIK students have free internet and computer access at the university in the university computer labs. At host families, computer and internet access is not standard. If such services are available in the accommodation, please ask the host or landlord for permission. You will have to pay extra for the use and installation of such services.
  24. If a problem arises during your stay with the host family, you should talk directly with your host family about the problem and try to come to a mutual solution. If necessary, you will be supported by the IIK team. However, if a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be reached, we will allow you to change accommodation even outside the mentioned deadlines.
  25. You are required to inform IIK Düsseldorf at least 2 weeks before the start of the next course if you and your host family want to continue living together in the next course phase or if you need new accommodation.
  26. IIK Düsseldorf reserves the right to reassign the student to a new accommodation without giving reasons and without observing any deadlines. If for any reason the guest and host family do not live together or if IIK becomes aware of problems in the host family (including inappropriate behavior on the part of the host family or the student), the student will be assigned a new accommodation.

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Here you can find our current general conditions for the IIK accommodation service as pdf.

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