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Other accommodation providers in Berlin
Of course, you can also look for accommodation yourself:

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•    City-Wohnen:
•    Coming home:
•    Crododilian-Rooms:
•    Fine + Mine:
•    Home Company:
•    Wohnwitz:
•    Zeitraum Wohnkonzepte:
•    WG gesucht:

Other accommodation providers in Düsseldorf
...would you rather go to Düsseldorf?

If we can not offer you a suitable accommodation, you have the possibility to look for accommodation yourself through the following websites. Please note that you must then make a contract directly with the mediation agency or the landlord.



How does waste separation work in Germany?
Registration at the Citizen's Office
When do I have to register officially?

If you stay longer than 4 weeks in Düsseldorf or Berlin, you have to register officially at the Bürgeramt. You also need the registration if you want to open a bank account, for example.

For registration with the city you need the certificate of accommodation. If you have a room from IIK, you can get the document in our office.

If you have arranged your own accommodation, you will receive the document from your landlord.


Shall we organize your arrival?

So that you can arrive relaxed, you can take advantage of our offers for pick-up upon arrival.

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Leisure and culture
Also do something with the IIK in your free time

It is important to us that you can also experience German culture outside of your course. It also allows you to quickly get to know other course participants from all over the world.

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General conditions IIK accommodation service

General conditions for booking accommodation through the IIK.

General conditions

Information about our courses and additional offers in Düsseldorf

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